About The Pilot

PIAviation is a blog and resource channel run by aviation enthusiast and private pilot Paul Ingram. Paul has been interested in aviation from an early age - where most boys especially say "I want to be a pilot!" Except, in this case, there was definitely some truth in it.

Paul's desire to gain a pilot's licence began in 2010 when he flew his first experience flight in a Robin HR200 - a single-engine, low fixed wing twin-seater aircraft at Sibson, Peterborough, UK. Having spent several years "messing around" in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the basic understanding of "how a plane flies" was already in place, and much of the flight was spent "hands-on" - including during take-off and landing!

Apparently a very common thing among pilots, but Paul is absolutely petrified of heights. Perfectly happy to fly thousands of feet above ground, Paul refuses to climb a ladder and freezes when walking across bridges. Weird!

PIAviation aims to be a place of information, experiences and tips on all things aviation.

Qualifications & Ratings

Paul is a private pilot based at Cambridge Aero Club in the UK.

  • PPL(A)
  • SEP Land rating
  • FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence)
  • Variable pitch/constant speed propeller endorsement
  • IR(R) (restricted Instrument Rating) - in training
  • Night rating - training Winter 2019

Airports/Airfields Landed At

  • EGSC - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (training base)
  • EGSU - Duxford, Cambridgeshire (main base)
  • EGMA - Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire (secondary base)
  • EGSF - Connington, Peterborough
  • EGBK - Sywell, Northampton
  • EGSP - Sibson, Peterborough

Aircraft Flown

  • G-GBHB - Socata TB-10 Tobago
  • G-GUAR - PA28-161 Warrior II
  • G-GFZG - PA28-140 Cherokee
  • G-GLOC - Extra 200
  • G-KEMI - PA28 Archer III
  • G-JACS - PA28 Archer III
  • G-DIXY - PA28 Archer III
  • G-MEGS - Cessna 172 G1000
  • G-HERC - Cessna 172SP
  • G-SHWK - Cessna 172SP
  • G-UFCB - Cessna 172SP
  • G-NSOF - Robin HR.200